The Lakeside Collection Presents: An Overview of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

A company supportive of community outreach, The Lakeside Collection devoted 2011 to charity efforts and campaigns. This past May, The Lakeside Collection affiliated itself with the well-known JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge. An annual 3.5-mile footrace, the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge promotes fitness in the workplace, especially important in an era of professionals who spend the majority of their time sitting at computers.

The challenge sees teams divided according to company, with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation making donations proportional to the number of racers involved in the challenge. In the case of The Lakeside Collection, donations went toward hospitals. Like many charitable races, the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge does not emphasize competition between the participants. While each individual is welcome to enter for the purpose of achieving personal or professional goals such as improving one’s running time, JPMorgan Chase focuses on the cause itself.

The first JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge was held in 1977 and involved 200 runners from 50 different organizations. Today, the event takes place in cities all around the world. In 2008 the race hosted a record 73,719 participants representing 2,589 companies in Frankfurt, Germany, which was the largest footrace in the world for that year. For more information on the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, visit

About The Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside Collection understands the value of customer service: any customer unsatisfied with an order receives the company’s guarantee that it will amend the transaction as quickly as possible. Receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, The Lakeside Collection also prides itself on its charity involvement, participating in events such as the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge.


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