Environmental Initiatives at The Lakeside Collection

An all-purpose online retailer with more than a decade of experience, The Lakeside Collection provides an accessible, easy-to-use forum to help Americans shop for gifts, housewares, and more. As one of the largest catalog marketers currently operating in the United States, The Lakeside Collection embraces its responsibility to the environment. Through a series of green initiatives at all levels, The Lakeside Collection sets out to conserve natural resources and reduce its environmental impact.

Recycling and Conservation

The Lakeside Collection sponsors a host of recycling and conservation initiatives at its corporate offices. The Lakeside Collection supports a number of programs to reduce waste of all kinds, including corrugated cardboard and mixed paper recycling, free transportation services for the company’s employees to and from mass transit stations, and significant investments in electronic workflow solutions to minimize paper use. The Lakeside Collection also advances its environmental initiatives with the help of its valued customers, encouraging them to share catalogs and make use of electronic customer service and ordering. Through its “Live Green” line of products, which includes organic, solar-powered, and recycled items, The Lakeside Collection provides a unique opportunity for shoppers to experience an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Catalogs and Marketing

Throughout its history, The Lakeside Collection has drawn upon a number of strategic partnerships with environmental leaders to develop an Earth-friendly catalog program. When obtaining paper for its catalogs, The Lakeside Collection seeks out suppliers who comply with all environmental and forestry laws and regulations. The Lakeside Collection also partners with paper mills that work to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, exceed supply chain management standards, and demonstrate a commitment to Sustainable Forest Management practices.

The Lakeside Collection works closely with manufacturers that have earned recognition for their innovative environmental initiatives and recycling programs. The Lakeside Collection has also adopted a number of practices to increase the efficiency of its catalog manufacturing process, including the use of environmentally friendly inks; augmented database analytics that reduce erroneous and duplicate catalog mailings; number five groundwood paper stocks, which have a lower carbon footprint than other varieties of paper; and computer-to-plate printing technology. In recent years, The Lakeside Collection has greatly expanded its electronic marketing campaign, which has significantly reduced the use of paper, ink, and other resources.

Shipping Materials

For most online retailers, shipping represents one of the largest sources of wasted materials and environmental inefficiency. As such, The Lakeside Collection replaces complex point-of-sale packaging with recycled materials whenever possible. The Lakeside Collection recycles 100 percent of the cardboard cartons it cannot use, resulting in an annual reclamation of more than 5,000 tons of corrugated cardboard. The Lakeside Collection makes use of several kinds of recycled shipping materials, including loose-fill packing material made entirely from recycled items. Similarly, more than 3 in 4 of the outbound shipping cartons used by The Lakeside Collection are composed of 100 percent recycled fiber.

To learn more about The Lakeside Collection, visit the website at www.lakeside.com.


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